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 All things holy get set... Aflame?!

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PostSubject: All things holy get set... Aflame?!   Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:16 am

Like countless other evenings in Shirotsume, the blistering sun fled hurriedly beyond distant mountains. It was just another day in all honesty. The town had long since began it's steady decline of active residents, many going home and putting the day behind them. Though, a few people still managed to loiter the roadways. Thugs, night owls and teens who decided to make use of their generous curfew.

Among the scattered individuals about Shirotsume, Drayven found himself immersed. Casually he strolled through the town as if he were more than accustomed to the late settings Shirotsume offered. His steps were as rhythmic as usual, lively and harmonic as one could muster from a subconscious standpoint. As usual his attire came accompanied by an eye-patch, though today he was in a mood to wear red as opposed to the more common blue. After all, it wasn't a very fun day for him, not in the slightest.

After what seemed like hours of walking Drayven's crisp footfalls grew silent. He found himself standing idly before a peculiar church and glanced around as if something were amiss. "Apparently the wolf has arrived before the sheep. Perhaps this whole request were a myth." Drawing a sudden breath, his slender fingers found themselves gripping a small piece of paper. Nothing more than notes regarding his request of course, but Drayven liked being thorough nonetheless. He'd studied the words countless times and with each time only grew further disappointed in its contents.

It was while viewing the guilds board he came across the request. Vain individuals seeking to burn a harmless building to the ground. Normally such a request wouldn't catch Drayven's attention to the point of him actually accepting it, however, this ran deep. They'd set their sights on a church. A church!!! A building which held numerous information and documents in it, a building that taught. THAT was crossing the line for Drayven and those responsible for such a threat needed punishment.

As the time whipped by there seemed to be nothing going on. That is until a strange set of men wearing hoodies appeared. There were 3 in count, though only one seemed to be willing to make himself known. The man took a bold stand people the few people lingering the dark roads. He spoke of burning the building and warned the many people, though none of which took him seriously untill he conjured a ball of fire. As the innocent civilians fled, Drayven made his approach to the group. "How cruel of fate to deliver you to me in such a manner. Draw you last breaths with care, for these may be the last tastes of life you're given."


Words break not a man's bones nor injure his body. They destroy him from his very soul.
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Seta Souji
Seta Souji

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PostSubject: Re: All things holy get set... Aflame?!   Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:18 am

It was known to Seta that there was a specific group targeting places of worship. Local places that are heavy populated, somehow it seems that there are more people that are trying to prove a point. What that point was still remains unknown, but he was not going to allow them to damage the property. He walks over to the church casually, taking notice of the three men and the other that stood to defy them. "Hmm, i guess i will be assisting you on this." Seta spoke as he walked past the man.

He takes notice of the man with the ball of fire, he figured that he should neutralize him first. I will be making the first move. "The heavenly body seal appeared as he spoke. "Dashing star!" Seta sends himself forward at a speed of 10m/s burning brightly a he punches the hooded man in the middle right in the face.


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All things holy get set... Aflame?!
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