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 Lovestruck! [Mission] (Finished)

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PostSubject: Lovestruck! [Mission] (Finished)   Lovestruck! [Mission] (Finished) Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 12:36 am

Eve had been in town for two days before picking up a mission from the job board. It was an easy something-or-other - only 800 jewel as a reward, but she was really only doing this to pass the time. And boy, was time ticking by slowly...

Tapping her foot, Miss Eve Furey was seen standing at Hargeon Port, looking like she was about ready to strangle the next passerby. I've been waiting here for TWO HOURS. Where the hell is my current employer?!

Eventually some boy appeared and stood next to her. Eve stared at him through the corner of her eye. He seemed nervous, but she didn't have the faintest idea why. Don't tell me this little squirt of a wannabe adult is even thinking of asking me out...

She opened her mouth to speak, but the boy suddenly turned to her and caught her off guard.

"Miss! Are you the Lamia Scale mage I sent for?" His eyes seemed to sparkle with determination, and this Eve found unsettling.

Taking a breath, she raised an eyebrow. "You can't be Kale Rivers, can you?" She eyed the boy. He was taller than her, and it really bugged the hell out of her. "How old are you?" she asked, jabbing a finger into the boy's chest. "You don't look older than 13," she accused, glaring up at him.

"I'm 15!" Kale sputtered, taking two steps back. "I would appreciate it if we could get on with the request!"

Eve, deciding she didn't like the kid, reluctantly listened to his pathetic story about him not being able to tell a girl how he truly felt. Eventually, after his long explanation, he handed Eve an envelope. "What's in this?" Eve questioned, sniffing the object. Kale's eyes widened as Eve did this, and he stammered a reply. "Nothing important! Go do your job!"

Gritting her teeth, Eve huffed and turned on her heel, heading towards the 8-Island Restaurant. The girl Eve was to deliver the envelope to was shorter than her, apparently, and she had golden hair that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. Green eyes that smoldered, a laugh that could melt the coldest of hearts, and a singing voice that could give sirens a run for their money all awaited Eve, or so she was told. This Kale boy is pathetic, she thought as she searched the building for a waitress of the desired description. If this is what it's like to be in love, count me out.

30 minutes passed, and Eve had searched the entire building twice. She was tempted to go and search the kitchens, but she doubted that the staff of the building would think too kindly on such an action. This is ridiculous!

She stormed around the restaurant, breathing down everyone's necks, making customers and employees both uncomfortable. Her stomps seemed to shake the entire building, and she glared everywhere she went. Another 30 minutes passed, and she was fed up with the entire thing.

"I give up!" Eve screamed, finding her way to the front of the building. A ginger waitress with ocean blue eyes gave her a frightened look, but this only made Eve smirk. "You, girl. I have something for you." Reaching to her hat, Eve pulled the accessory off and reached inside (for despite it looking like a normal hat, Eve had sewn pockets inside), pulling out a now-crinkled envelope. "This is for you."

The ginger warily reached out and took the Envelope, eyes guarded. As they should be, Eve thought, mentally nodding. Never let love in.

But the waitress quickly opened the envelope and read the letter in less than 30 seconds, and she even seemed overjoyed by its contents. The girl gave Eve the most heartfelt look. "Thank you," she squealed, running towards the back of the restaurant. To tell her friends, no doubt. I wonder if miss Golden Goddess is back there, with her ocean eyes and siren-worthy voice...

A vein pulsed in Eve's forehead as she thought of the girl. What right does she have to claiming all of those traits? What about the other girls in town? Annoyed, she let out a huff and turned on her heel for the second time that day. She left the 8-Island Restaurant and returned to the docks.

The lovestruck boy awaited her there, and he looked as though he had remained rooted to the spot since Eve had left. "I gave her your stupid love letter," Eve announced upon her arrival. "Give me my jewels."

Kale looked taken back for a moment at Eve's demanding, but soon enough he reached into his pocket and pulled out some jewels. "Here's 800 jewels - exactly what I owe you. Thank you so much --"

Eve, not bothering to hear his incessant chatter about how thankful he was for her giving the letter to the most amazing girl in the world (for Eve was sure Kale was about to start speaking raptures about his love once again), reached over and claimed the jewels. Glaring at the boy, she kicked him in the shin. "Shut your trap. You're 15 years old. Live life before giving it all away to some girl."

With that, Eve took her leave, placing the money in one of her pockets inside her hat.


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Eve Furey
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Lovestruck! [Mission] (Finished) Cardsi10

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Lovestruck! [Mission] (Finished)
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