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 Magnolia to Era (WIP/Private)

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Ardere Kasai
Ardere Kasai

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PostSubject: Magnolia to Era (WIP/Private)   Magnolia to Era (WIP/Private) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 10:05 pm

Ardere and Fang stood in line with a small bag carrying their belongings. They looked at each other and smiled, today was the beginning of a new era. It was time to show everyone else in Fiore what Fairy Tail had in store for them. They both stepped onto the train and sat down, they would be departing shortly. He was about to go the the city of Era, where the Fiore Branch of the magic council was. This was going to be the tournament to decide the best mage in Fiore, out of the Ten Wizard Saints of course. All mages in Fiore were invited to attend of all ranks aside from Ten Wizard Saints. This was his shot to show his true strength. He needed this chance to show them all what he was made of.

The train was definitely massive and full of people. He was leaving early to do some site seeing in Era before the tournament. He wasn't going to be the first person there of course but he'd see how things went. He wondered how many guilds were entering considering the prize if you won. It was pretty hefty but definitely worth it. People in the train began to finish boarding and were sitting or holding onto the top. The train was getting ready to depart and Fang laid back against the wall.

The train began to move and Ardere began to feel a tad sick, he had never been on a train or any vehicle for that matter so he thought it was normal. As the train began to go faster he began to feel worse and worse. When the train got to full speed he feel against the wall immobile, he had heard something about this. When a dragon slayer reached a certain level they began to develop major motion sickness worse than most normal humans. It made them immobile and was the one weakness of a dragon slayer. He couldn't move at all and Fang began to notice. Ardere, are you getting sick? Oh my God you are! Your getting motion sickness! Fang began to laugh horrendously and made fun of Ardere.

They were traveling at high speeds through Magnolia and Fang watched in awe as they passed many people waving and saying goodbye. Ardere was sick so he couldn't do anything so Fang figured he'd watch the train go really fast! He loved to go fast! He saw some pretty young girls and asked them if they had anything to eat so they gave him some fish flavored crackers and he devoured them. They petted his head and scratched under his neck. Meanwhile Ardere didn't know what the hell to do, he was just stuck there doing nothing. He couldn't even sleep. Fang was talking to the pretty young girls who would hug tight because they thought he was so cute, he was squished into the girl's boobs and his face turned red. He was having the time of his life while Ardere felt horrible but that was Fang.

Fang waved goodbye to the ladies and walked back over to Ardere then patted him on the back. They were gonna have a good time in Era he though, he knew Ardere would win the tournament. Ardere was his best friend and the best mage in Fiore or at least he would be some day. They had been with each other for years and nothing could separate them. He found that egg years ago and ever since then they had been inseparable. They might not be the perfect pair but they loved each other, Ardere was his partner possibly even like his daddy. Fang laid against him and took a nap, after a few hours Ardere finally feel asleep. When they awoke they were in Shirotsume Town. He rubbed his eyes and immediately feel back down with motion sickness.

Fang walked back over to the ladies as Ardere crawled to see outside of the window, he was never taking a train again! He could see the town surrounded by mountains and the people walking through it, they were on their way to Oak Town from here. After Oak Town cam Hosenka Town and then the final destination of Era. In Era he would be competing in the Fiore Grand Tournament. There he would face mages from all over Fiore to compete and become the best. If he won this would bring a great honor and pride to his guild, he had to win this tournament. All of a sudden he couldn't think straight and the motion sickness got worse.

Fang was talking to the girls and devouring those treats again just like last time. It was becoming night time and everyone was laying down to go to bed so Fang laid on Ardere's back and they both slept through the night. Fang dreamt of fishing and cute girls while Ardere dreamt of the tournament and fighting other mages. That was his dream at first but then he dreamt of Kiannus raising him when he was young. They played games together and Kiannus taught him to read as well as write. Kiannus taught him everything he knows except certain spells. He was a magnificent dragon for sure. When Ardere and Fang woke up they were in Oak Town. For some reason he woke up before everyone else and the motion sickness had died down. He was able to re position himself to be more comfortable as he thought about Era and the tournament. In truth this was probably the most exciting moment of his life aside from Fang being born. He wasn't sure whether to be nervous or excited so he was both for now.

He watched out the window still almost completely immobile as they passed the mountainous city of Oak Town. They were now heading towards Hosenka the home of Sabertooth, that guild were that ice god slayer was from. He wasn't sure whether to hate or like that guilds. They seemed like a bunch of assholes to Ardere but maybe this tournament could change his mind. He was gonna kick that woman's ass for what she did to the cathedral and to Shin. She was gonna pay for everything, for the first time in his life Ardere had a thought of killing someone intentionally. That had never happened before but he shook it off as Fang woke up and jump on his stomach. He then curled up into his belly so he rubbed his head. He sure loved that damn flying and talking cat.

Shortly afterwards they had reached the town of Hosenka, it was definitely beautiful compared to most other towns. It was not as beautiful as Magnolia that was for sure, Manolia was the most beautiful town in all of Fiore. They would finally be heading towards Era their final destination. He was heading towards the town of the Magic Council. He would need to be careful and make sure not to cause trouble everywhere he went as was tradition for a Fairy Tail mage. He would have to be polite and quiet just like normal except without the blowing everything up part. He hoped Aeon was going because she was awesome. It'd be cool to have a friend in the tournament because the other Fairy Tail mages going he didn't know very well.

He then looked outside and saw the magnificent town of Era so he and Fang jumped up after they stopped and ran out the door and through the train station and into the town. He looked up at the massive town and smiled knowing he had made it finally.

Word Count: 1,277/1200

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Magnolia to Era (WIP/Private)
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