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 (For sale) Leta, Fist Mage (NPC)

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Shin Katari
Shin Katari

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PostSubject: (For sale) Leta, Fist Mage (NPC)   (For sale) Leta, Fist Mage (NPC) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2012 8:59 am

NPC Name: Leta
Rank: D
General Appearance:

Magic: Fist Magic - She can either create sonic waves that push enemies away/harm them or simply increase her physical strength for a short period of time.

Sonic Blast - (C Rank) Leta hits her fists together (like she's knuckle bumping herself), and this creates a sonic blast that radiates in a 10ft radius around her. Those within 5 feet can be momentarily dizzy, whereas those at anywhere from 6-10ft are simply pushed back a few steps. (With rank ups, the range and effects gradually increase)

Hit Up - (C Rank) Leta focuses her energy and punches an opponent under the jaw, forcing them to fly 5 ft in the air and 8 ft back. (Distance increases with rank)

Stat Booster - (D Rank) This makes Leta's speed and agility increase, allowing her to land more hits and dodge easier.

Equipment: None
Motivations/Fears: Proving that a woman is just as valuable as a man is her main motivation, other than protecting young children.
She fears being looked down upon by those who she loves (her guild mates, usually).

Quantity: Unlimited
Price: 100,000 J!

Spells Learnt
E:2 D:3 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0

Missions Done
E:0 D:0 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0 10yr:0

(For sale) Leta, Fist Mage (NPC) Funny-nerd-geek-forum-moderator
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(For sale) Leta, Fist Mage (NPC)
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