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 Raion Kuroshiki [WIP]

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Raion Kuroshiki

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PostSubject: Raion Kuroshiki [WIP]   Raion Kuroshiki [WIP] Icon_minitimeThu Feb 20, 2014 7:54 am

Character Template


Raion Kuroshiki [WIP] K-10-saruhiko-scepter4-glasses-traitor-history

Name: Raion Kuroshiki (The name of your character)
Alias: The Royal Army (A nickname if your character has one)
Gender: Male (Male of Female)
Age:18 (How old your character is)
Birthdate: February 13 (When was your character born. DD/MM)
Sexuality: Straight (Straight, gay, bisexual)
Special Characteristics: Wears glasses and wears suits (Anything special about your character. Tattoos, cuts, etc)
Personality: Raion is a confident character, if not cocky. He is completely fun-loving and is always looking for a good time everywhere he goes. He is also highly intelligent, seeing as how the type of magic he uses need him to be so. Raion is always looking for something to challenge his mind, always studying new strategies and tactics in order to overcome any and all obstacles. In addition to his confident and intellectual attitude, Raion is very ambitious, always striving to do something new and completing it. Because of his ambitiousness, he is known take up new hobbies and projects. (What is your character's personality like. About 100-150 words)
Likes: Raion is a huge fan of the arts because he believes that the arts are just a more beautiful way of exploring the world. (What does your character like and why)
Dislikes: Raion has a huge dislike for cheaters because he believes they are unjust, barbarious, and downright uncivil(What does your character dislike and why)
Motivations: THe thing that motivates Raion in life is the promise he made to his friend. The reason why is because Raion believes it is the last thing he can ever do for his friend ever since she died.(What motivates your character in life and why)
Fears: Raion has a fear of dogs. When he was a child, he was attacked by a wild dog in his own home. That event has left him traumatized ever since. What does your character fear in life and why)

General Appearance

Height:5 ft 9 in (How tall is your character)
Weight: 159 lbs (How much does your character way)
Hair:He has short, spiky, black hair with a bang covering his left eye. (What color is the hair and how is it designed)
Eyes:The color of his eyes are dark blue. (What color are the eyes)
Skin Tone: Raion has a fair(light) skin tone.(How is the skin tone. Light, dark, etc)
Appearance: Raion Kuroskiki is a fair-skinned young man, He has spiky, black hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a white polo shirt with a deep purple tie with a golden crown insignia on it. In addition, he wears blacks slacks, a black, unbuttoned overcoat and black dress shoes. He is a little thin but is still fit. (What is your characters appearance like. Physical and Clothing is needed)


Guild: Fairy Tail(What guild is your character part of)
Tattoo: The guild tatoo is on the back of his neck. The tatoo's color is royal purple. (The guild tattoo Where is it located and what color is it)
Rank: D-rank (What rank is your character)


Primary Magic: Chess Magic (What type of magic does you character use. The magic you start off with)
Secondary Magic: N/A(Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
Caster or Holder: Holder (What type of magic is it)
Description: Chess magic is a type of holder magic that is similar to Angel and Celestial Spirit Magic. The user of chess magic has chess pieces and when put into play, they transform into powerful entities. Chess Magic comes into 2 types: Chess Magic: White and Chess Magic: Black. Less powerful chess pieces like the Pawns are easy to come by but more powerful chess pieces, like the king and queen, are extremely rare.(Describe your magic)
Strengths: Chess Magic is very exceptional in both offense and defense.(What are the strengths of it)
Weaknesses: The more pieces you put into play, the more magic energy it takes up and the more powerful the piece, the more magic it takes to keep it in play. (What are the weaknesses of it)


History:Raion Kuroshika was born in Hargeon town but was raised in Magnolia. When he was born, his parents started to buy magical items for him to play with as he got older. They enjoyed doing this and then soon after, they took up the occupation of collecting magical artifacts and tools. As Raion got older, he became more skilled with the use of magical tools. In addition to that, Raion’s intellectual skills were on par with his skill over magical tools, being in at the top of his class in the schools he has attended. But because of his intellect, he was bullied by the boys in class who knew how to use magic. But that all stopped when he was saved by Areisei Kousou, his soon after life long friend. Since that day, they have been together. Raion discovered that Areisei was able to use magic and asked her to help him learn it too, in order to protect himself. She agreed to it but unfortunately, Raion was a terrible at using caster magic. Raion then decided that if he could’t use caster magic, he would develop his skills in holder magic. He tried different items, but none of it was really working for him until one day, his father brought home a old chess set. He instantly fell in love with it and practiced the game daily, usually against his parents or Areisei. At the age of 14, he fully mastered the game of chess and decided from then on that it was going to be the holder magic that he was going to use. The only problem was that the chess piece he currently had was not magical. He researched until he found out that there were magical chess pieces being sold at shops. He saved up his money and was able to puy to buy three pawns at the age of 15. He practiced with this magic everyday, sparring with Areisei and building up his potential. One day, when he was playing against Areisei in a game of chess, they both made a promise to get really powerful, so powerful that they wouldn’t get bullied ever again. A week later, Areisei Konsou died. She was attacked by a group of students who were skilled in the use of magic and in an attempt to escape them, she fell to her death. He attended her funeral, and vowed to uphold their promise. A month after the funeral service, he started to save money and was able to buy more chess pieces. On his travels, he met many friends and many obstacles. He increased his intelligence and magic to point of a D-rank wizard able to hold his own. He returned to Magnolia at the age of 18, and thought about what he was going to do next. He decided that in order to gain power, he would need to surround himself with powerful people, in order to learn from them. He decided to join a guild and what a better guild to join than the one in his hometown, Fairy Tail. (Your characters past. Must be at least 500 words)
Rp Sample: (A piece of how you RP. About 200-250 words)
Face Claim: Reisi Munakata (Name of person in the show-Anime/Show)
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Raion Kuroshiki [WIP]
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