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 Seta Souji

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Seta Souji
Seta Souji

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PostSubject: Seta Souji   Seta Souji Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 2:41 pm

Character Template


Seta Souji Yu-narukami-action

Name: Seta Souji
Alias: Seta, The Shining Meteor
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthdate: 02/27
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics:
Personality:Souji Seta is a distant loner who demonstrates a high level of maturity, his overly formal speaking tone being one of the most telling signs. Seta has a pessimistic outlook on life due to his parents death which leads him to constantly travel. He is kind, and would help a person if they really needed it. He tends to show sympathy as well. He has a dry sense of humor, and sometimes does questionable things which he thinks are funny. He also seems a bit naive and oblivious to certain situations, which somehow keeps working to his benefit. His general mood is pretty much silent and unnerving. This serves as his poker face unless he is around people that he knows well. During those times he is usually humorous and poetic.

Travelling: To see the world, to be free of any doubts and distractions. May things the world may hold, many secrets that are just waiting to be fulfilled. Seta wonders about these mysteries.

Good Tasting food: Who doesn't like to eat? Seta is especially a fan of sea food. This is due to him being a sailor for a short period of time, it was his own form of a trade.

Poems: Personal interest, he reads them quite often. He also writes poems and recites them.

Dislikes: Suffering: Not much the suffering of himself, more towards the suffering of others. Random meaningless destruction, it makes no sense to him.

Lying: Nobody is perfect, but it shouldn't be needed to lie to someone. At least Seta tries not to lie when he can help it, he think lying is the penetration of someones trust. That can be a good way to get him ticked off, especially when he rarely trusts people on occasion.

Cats: Seta is apparently allergic to cats and he cant handle the fur. He sneezes instantly and starts to get all stuffy and sick.

Motivations: Living: The ultimate motivation is to continue to live, the value of life is higher than anything.

Reason: Why do people fight, why is there wars? With the life that seta values, he searches for reason. He travels far and wide in search of that answer.

Protecting: For the ones that cannot defend themselves, seta fights for them especially. He feels that it is his duty to do so, and not to ignore someone in their time of need.

Fears: Doubt: the fact that some things wont last forever, he feels he has to be alone because he doesn't think he could take another death of anyone close to him. That is why there is usually an invisible wall around his heart, he protects himself well from these situations mentally.

Failure: If he doesn't manage to win or to protect. When there is something much higher in stake than his own life, is what puts seta in despair.

Cats: Since he is alergic, he usually moves away immediately. Or leaves the area entirety.

General Appearance

Height: 5'11
Weight: 200 Pounds
Hair: Short bowl-shaped gray hair
Eyes: Grey
Skin Tone: Light
Appearance: What helps Seta stand out from the crowd is his almost sculupted facial structure he has been told time and time again his face appears to have been hand crafted from some of the most renowed artists. Though moving down to his physique his muscles are rather toned giving the brief outline of almost a lifetime of training. Although that is kept concealed by a wide array of clothing though each article has it's own specific time for being worn. Normally Seta is seen a black t-shirt with a v-neck styled cut and underneath that before his actual flesh is a length of black chain which holds his cross necklace which he prefers to keep there so there is no chance of misplacing it in times of need.Moving towards the lower body Seta usually wears dark colored jeans which have an array of countless broken chains connected to various portions of the fabric of clothing, and more often then not he has black leather fingerless fighting gloves attached to his hands, but in times of a formal occasion or event this youth prefers to wear a shaded grey almost midnight blue suit with matching pants and black shoes. Other times he is wearing a buttoned down shirt that is usually opened up by the neck. He wears a jacket over it with it being opened up with all types of designer like stitches and buttons on it. He then wears black pants and shoes and occasionally wears glasses when he is serious.


Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Left side of the neck
Rank: D Rank


Primary Magic: Heavenly Body Magic
Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: It is a powerful form of Magic that allows the caster to use the properties of many astronomical objects and other life-forms for battle, preferably in offense. This is a variation of light magic, The caster can create powerful light blasts or beams of high destructive power at their opponents. The use of this Magic can be used to enhance the caster's own skills drastically for various purposes, such as shrouding them in Magic that can increase their speed significantly.

Strengths: The properties of Heavenly Body Magic rely primarily on astronomical objects like meteors or the generation and manipulation of the energy of stars from their own body. The caster can create powerful light blasts or beams of high destructive power at their opponents. Light is not the only substance used, however. The caster is also capable of using the power of gravity against the opponent for destructive usage; the strength can be comparable to the effects caused by a crushing meteor. The use of such Magic can be used to enhance the caster's own skills drastically for various purposes, such as shrouding them in Magic that can increase their speed significantly.

Weaknesses: Mostly offensive magic and supplementary. Having a light affiliation leads it to be weak to shadow magic. This variation of light magic is intend for the user to always be on the offensive so there is limited defense magic. The defense is limited because the magic has limited defense uses and only a couple of ways to carry out the defensive spells.

History: When Seta was born, he was always fascinated about magic. Him and his parents use to travel all around the world to study different kinds of magic as well as lend tips on how to improve them. His parents were actually apart of an experiment to study the abnormalities of magic that is usually practiced. This all came to an end when they was suppose to study a lost magic that was located in an underground tomb. As they continued their search, Seta accidentally tripped a wire that activated one of the tombs hidden traps. The area gave off a nauseating gas that made it hard to move when using magic, the floor also began to cave in. His father however, used heavenly body magic to safely secure his son before falling to his doom. Seta watched the whole thing, the entire time as his parents struggled. He was 10 at the time, and with nowhere to go he had no choice but to move onward. To move forward with his life and continue what his parents loved. He stumbled out of the cave, coughing. He wondered how things could turn out to be they way they are, he also became every obsessed with poems. IT was the only way to express his feelings, and one of the fisherman at a dock close by heard him recite. To earn his keep, he began doing odd jobs and work on the boat. Fishing became one of his past times, he loved to eat fish as well. The salty sea and the friendly gestures of the sailors amused him to great length. It if wasnt for his need to be on land, he wouldn't have minded at all to become a pirate. For the simplicity and the sake of their lifestyle, it seemed as free as can be. However, he sometimes longed for a place to call home.

Since he never knew about the abnormal project, he thought his parents were just travelers that went to distant lands for their own entertainment. This satisfied him for a while, but as he got older, he wondered if living the same dream as his parents was what he truly wanted. Instead, he decided to look upon guilds to study them. He wonders what it meant for people to pair up like that, for he has been alone for a very long time. He also goes to destroyed villages and helps them repair or in any way he can before he wanders off. His most famous actions that he is known for is beating up other mages who cause trouble to these villages. He sees the power as a gift and that they are never to be abused. And for those who do abuse it, he would do whatever he can to stop it. Most of the time he comes to the villages to recite his own poems that he labeled loveless. Its a play in his mind that serves as a reflection as to how he sees the world.

Rp Sample: Seta was walking by a nearby forest, reciting his poem as usual. It was his ultimate masterpiece and seemed to fit well with any kind of situation. It was as the people around him started to rebuild, attacked for their money or any time of profitable crops they could sell. The place was left in shambles and it was unbearable for seta to watch. "There is no hate, only joy..For you are beloved by the goddess..Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds..Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul...pride is lost Wings stripped away, the end is nigh." He then begins to speed up as he saw some movement in the bushes, it quickly began to disperse as he taken notice. He soon realized that he surrouned. " You really shouldnt...." They refused to listen as they attacked, Seta skillfully dealing with them one at a time while moving at a high speed. Whey they were defeated, he had taken the bag of money and started to return it to the rightful owners. Afterwards, he had simply walked away. The people cried out and cheered, asked if the man would stay or ever come back so they could repay him. Seta simply stopped and turned around. "Even if the morrow is barren of promises Nothing shall forestall my return.." He then continues onto his path..
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PostSubject: Re: Seta Souji   Seta Souji Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 4:40 pm

Greetings, Seta.
I will be inspecting your application today. Now, shall we begin?

[Scanning] ...... [Analyzing] ...... CHECK COMPLETE.

Approval 1/2

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Words break not a man's bones nor injure his body. They destroy him from his very soul.
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PostSubject: Re: Seta Souji   Seta Souji Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 11:51 pm

Looks good to me too ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: Seta Souji   Seta Souji Icon_minitime

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Seta Souji
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