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[b]Primary Magic:[/b] White Tiger's Kinetic Magic | [url=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_fBuKClMuEAo/TA_HUjSgmXI/AAAAAAAAADA/pQACXoTHs4Q/s1600/yin-yang.jpg][color=white]Magic circle[/color][/url]
[b]Secondary Magic: [/b](Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
[b]Caster or Holder:[/b] Caster
[b]Description: [/b] Part brute force, part subtlety, but both used in perfect harmony with Katyusha's kinetic magic. What looks like a kick or a strike that should hurt terrible doesn’t, what looks like a blow to someone’s head actually feels very comfortable, massage-like some would say. But behind said person, there is nothing but pain and discomfort. Using the kinetics as a source of strength, Katyusha’s magic generates magical power wherever he wishes it on his body, and strikes anything he sees fit. The next step in the process transfers his magical power into the area, forcing it backwards; at this point, little to no damage will be done to the struck target due to the structuring of his magic. If there is anything behind the struck area, if the target moves back quickly enough to hit someone, anyone, the magical power will increase in strength and transfer, causing harm equivalent to the strength of his spell multiplied by however many obstacles it had to pass in order to reach its destination at the end. The more people/objects in between, the larger the impact at the end.

[b]Strengths: [/b] The more people there are, the more devastating Katyusha’s magic is to those in the rear line. For this reason, cowards and those who rely on henchman have reason to fear him. Even when outnumbered, Katyusha can whittle them down from the back lines while using other means to deal with those in the front lines. Besides that, for those first facing him, the deception of his weak attacks can cause those who fail to look back to see the damage done to the person behind them. In essence, Katyusha’s magic allows him to dominate encounters where he is outnumbered should he be skilled enough. Even then, by himself, Katyusha can get creative and use his own body or any object he can find as an obstacle to use his magic to effectively injure those he needs to.

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] While it has potential, there are occasions when Katyusha finds himself unable to use his magic. For the wise ones who notice Katyusha must strike something in between in order for his magic to take effect, they can either dodge, or ensure the path between them stays clean and solitary. Therefore, Katyusha is woefully inept at single combat without any creativity on his part, and his effectiveness continually falls as any fight continues when outnumbered. Along with that, this is a mainly melee to short ranged style of magic. Though agile and fit enough to lift himself over objects, Katyusha may find larger, or longer ranged opponents especially difficult considering his magic’s needs.

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