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 Training Post

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PostSubject: Training Post   Training Post Icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2012 5:26 pm

[b]Name:[/b] Creation
[b]Rank:[/b] E > C
[b]Magic Cost:[/b] 5 | 10 | 20
[b]Requirements:[/b] Materials have to be solid and not cause harm to the user.
[b]Class:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Element:[/b] Custom
[b]Effect: [/b]The user is able to create swords by forming his surrounding. 
The swords strength depends on the amount of Magic used for the spell and the used materials, by using special materials the sword may even have a special ability. Unsolid elements such as Air/ Water/Fire or Gas can not be formed.
[u]Spending 5 Magic  :[/u] Creates a sword not bigger than a average Katana unsolid elements like Water cannot be formed into a sword
[u]Spending 10 Magic:[/u] Creates a sword as big as a Claymore or a Zweihander
[u]Spending 20 Magic:[/u] He can now use unsolid elements to add special effects to the created weapon. (Ex. Buff a iron sword with a fire blade)               
[b]CD:[/b] /
[b]Dur:[/b] /
[b]History:[/b] After training this skill for years Mugen is finally able fuse his swords with various elements.

Mugen walked down the path which leaded him to a secret passageway. Thanks to his past street life he almost knew every inch of this city. He had to run very much during his past years so knowing some shortcuts was natural for him. Right now he was heading down to the underground ruins, a old guildmember, Krieg a strong guy who was in the clan ever since Mugen could remember was down there just a few days ago, he, too, wanted to train, but had a very dangerous encounter with some giant rats, at least that was what he told everybody.
That guy had allways been training in the past, now he was raging through missions like crazy, he was a strange guy. But thanks to his earlier activities Mugen was able to gather some new facts about the place he was heading to. He had visited the dungeon quite often during his past life, so he was able to take a easier route inside than Krieg took. Even through Mugen didn't really want to walk all the way down to the ruins, he hated that place, stinking monsters, traps and other things which were a pain to deal with, but he had no other choice. The Guildmaster had ordered him to go and polish his skills and he couldn't refuse that order, not if he wanted to get killed anytime soon.

He came out of a smale crack in a wall, it was a small passagway which could not be seen from the outside, so it was the perfect entrance, the only problem was, it wasn't a exit. He was now in the ruins of a old Labyrinth, because of it's age and size it was easy to escape it nowaday, but in the past it was a dangerous deathhole covered in traps, some of them could still be active so he needed to watch out. He wondered what kind of monster would call this part of the ruins their home, he never was down here before.
Unlike expected it wasn't very dark, there was enough light, which came from some strange mushrooms which were growing everywhere on the walls, with a strange feeling in his tummy he took some first steps...... #KASHING# ........... Mugen jumped back, his heart almost stopped beating when the spears emerged out of the wall and almost made three deep holes inside him. As fast as they appeared did the spears disappear, back inside the wall, this was the way Mugen decided NOT to go.

He went on, carefully, prepared to jump back anytime, he took some turns and already lost his way back, but at least he didn't activate any traps anymore. Finnaly he came to what seemed to be the end of the first part of the Labyrinth at least the rather big gate he just passed through made him think that, now he could either choose to go left or right. The right path was covered in old bones and skulls, while the left path was.... pretty nice, there were flowers and even some cute animals.
Mugen wasn't stupid, of course this was a trap, so he set foot on the right path, what a stupid decision.....
After walking barely five meters the ground below him started to crumble and fell apart. Mugen hit something, but not the ground what confused him, he hadn't hit a solid surface, but instead he landed on something.... squeezy. He had hit the jackpot, his great luck once again proved..... he didn't had any. The walls down here were covered with shiny mushrooms, too, so Mugen could see that he had fallen right into a hord of Grobs, green, small, human like creatures who could be found in caves and other beast like surroundings, they weren't pretty dangerous, alone, but here there were at least twelve of them and each of them carried a weapon, at least Mugen expected them to carry weapons. The Grobs weren't very friendly, on top of that Mugen just killed two of their companions with the erruption of the floor, he could see two corpses on the ground which were flattened by a big rock.
Suddenly the guy below him started to move and Mugen fell down backwards, which made him shout out in surprise, he could have sworn the guy below him was dead, too. He got up as quickly as possible and walked backwards, he wanted to get to a wall or something, *whatever y fu**ing do now Mugen, don't let yourself get surrounded* he thought while bringing some distance between him and the ugly beasts.
The Grobs started to move, their surprised look had completely vanished and was replaced with pure bloodlust, it was quite obvious what these guys would try to do now.

They slowly closed the distant between themselve and Mugen and he knew his chances in this fight were pretty bad. He stretched out his arm, he would need a big sword since didn't want these guys to come any closer as they already were, a grey magic circle appeared in midair and slowly a handle was emerging from it. Masamunes hand closed around the haft and pulled the weapon out of the circle, but this would just become a regular sword, like all the others unless.....
Mugen shouted out and pumped his magic inside the spell, he pulled out the sword and what he held in his hands was..... a giant sword, it's blade was bigger than Mugen, at least 40 centimeters, but beside the blade beeing much longer than usually, the weapon looked like a normal broadsword [Spell: Creation D Rank 90/ 100] . "Come at me you fu**s" Said Mugen and spinned around, he used the gained momentum to slash the unusual heavy blade into the next living beeing, which was on his right side, the blade passed right through the Grobs throat, beheading him at once and almost hit the Grob next to the killed one, but the beheading had taken most of the swords speed. With a loud *cling* did the sword hit the ground, and the Grobs used this moment to attack, but Mugen didn't even waist his time trying to raise the sword again, the next seal had already appeared and Mugen pulled out another greatsword [80 / 100], while directly slashing it diagonally down at the beast. The Grobs were stupid, but intelligent enough to know what was the best for them, all of them Managed to jump away before the blade could reach them, all but two. The two guys on the left side of Mugen hadn't seen the blade coming, now the one guy was only half of what he seemed before, while the other one seemed to have difficulties with living with a blade inside his waist.
Now there were only ten left..... still more than enough to kill him, he needed something.... stronger.
His eyes landed on a torch which was resting in the hands of one of the Grobs and a idea came to his mind: *Mind as well just give it a try....* he thought and another magic circle appeared. Again Mugen pulled out a sword, but this time he didn't made the sword solely out of iron, it had costed him a quite big amount of magic, but he had managed to fuse the iron together with the fire from the torch and he now held a scary looking sword in his hands, a sword with a glowing red blade
[Creation C Rank 50/ 100]. This time Mugen had made himself a longsword, this wasn't as heavy as those greatswords, but still big enought to ward of all the enemys.

Mugen smiled at his sword and complimented it, saying it was really beautiful, then his eyes focused on the next Grob "And now it's your turn to die Mothafu**a!". He wasn't sure if the Grob could understand him, but the beast took some steps back which made Mugen smile again. Two last idiots seemed to still havn't get what was going on, because they repeated their dead comrades mistake and just charged at him blindly, well they weren't all that stupid..... at least they were so itelligent as to charge at Mugen from opposite sides. This time Mugen had to actually think, the guy to his left was wielding a club, while the guy on the right side was wielding a strange looking knife, in the end both of them weren't a big threat either, Mugen just droped his sword, crossed his arms and then stretched them fast outwards, pointing at both Grobs, two magic circles appeared and swords charged out of them, piercing both Gorbs [Spell used: Flying Blade 40/100]. But since Mugen had droped his weapon the other beast had gotten overconfident. Now all 8 remaining charged him at once, Mugen just laughed when another magic circle appeared below him on the ground, before the Grobs could react blades emerged from the ground, winding around themself they created a protecting wall in front of Mugen, the Grob who had been to near to the circle howled in pain when his arm and leg was struck inside the wall of blades, he desperate tried to get free, but the more he moved the deeper did the blades cut into his flesh [Spell used: Wall of Blades 30/100]. Only seven guys left, Mugen was very exhausted now, but didn't want to show that to his enemys, he took his fire sword from the ground and took a relaxed pose "Is that all you have? I could do this the whole day you stupid fu**s". The beasts didn't look as confident as before now. Their numbers had been reduced to half and the remaining Grobs seemed like they didn't want to suffer from the same fate as their comrades. Mugen stepped forward, the Grobs took some step backwards, while smiling into the face
of the captured Grob he raised his sword: "This will hurt you so much more than me...." Slowly, inch for inch did he pushed his sword inside the beast flesh, the flesh around the blade started to make some really nasty sounds and bubbles started to build on the skin, Mugen knew it, his blade currently had the fire element and the Grob wasn't just stabbed, no he was roasted from inside. The beast twitched and winded in pain, it screamed and shouted like he had gone mad, in the end he shouted something into Mugens face, then cut his own throat with his shortsword. He had made a wise decision, instead of going through a hell of pains he choose a quick dead, Mugen now turned to the left beasts, they dropped their weapons and ran away. Mugen could understand them, he too valued his life and if he were in their position he would have done the same thing, he looked at the weapons which lay around everywhere by now, they were in a horrible state and made Mugen very sad "I am sorry... i cannot take you all with me. I hope your owners come back and maybe this time take good care of you." With that said Mugen turned around and looked for a way out. He hadn't learned a new spell, but he had increased his strenght, that would be enough to satisfie the Guildmaster. Now he just wanted to get back home and wash all the blood from his face and clothes...

Spells Learnt
E:2 D:3 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0

Theme Song
Missions Done
E:0 D:0 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0 10yr:0
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